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Fenton Ward Design Ltd - Graphic Design in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

Logo Design & Corporate Branding

Chesterfield based design company, ForWard: Design is a true ‘one-stop-shop’, especially for Start-Up businesses or those looking to re-launch their Business.

Logo design or ‘Corporate Branding’ – is the first and most important step for a new or re-launched business. It is your business’s ‘First Impression’ to your customers.

It will adorn your business cards, stationery, signage, livery, flyers, corporate brochures, sales brochures, adverts even uniforms! So getting the logo right – and getting it right first time is a very special piece of work.

We have created branding for many companies over the years – and each one has it’s own unique needs and problems to address. It may be for a niche market which requires the logo to almost explain what the business is about – it may be for a very competitive market where you need to stand out from the crowd, whilst still maintaining a relevant message to your industry – it may be needed to be all of these things, but also flexible enough to be adapted to any medium.

This process begins with creating several initial ideas following a discussion with you as to the nature of your business, and revisions as necessary to tie it down to the perfect and permanent symbol of your company. Like a tattoo, you should be able to live with your branding forever!

All Logo Design is quoted individually after the first brief, so you know what it will cost before we start, with no surprise costs.

After the design is complete, you will also be supplied with a Digital Media Pack of branding rules and examples for it’s various areas of use to supply to publishers and printers in the future.

We know our business inside out.
We’d like to know yours too!