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Fenton Ward Design Ltd - PR and Marketing in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

PR & Marketing

ForWard: Design also provides PR, Marketing and other associated services.

With our services in-house, you get the best of both worlds, with the same company designing as well as providing the many other facets of developing and promoting your company, ensuring a seamless join throughout, meaning less time wasted and more money saved.

Calling on decades of PR and Marketing experience within ForWard: Design, with regard to above-the-line and below-the-line promotional activities, whether involving traditional marketing and advertising methods – or the ‘dark world’ of digital marketing – we can provide any of your PR and Marketing solutions.

However, we know our strengths, so the services we offer in-house are Design and Marketing related, giving you full confidence in any aspect of your job being completed with style and efficiency – but there are some things we use our associate experts for!

For instance, built up over a long time, we have an amazing circle of high quality, reliable printers, capable of very small to very large volume print runs, exhibition and display print, livery and signage, even unusual printed items such as promotional gifts.

Photographers for when we need to handle a large photography project; Video Photographers for the same reason (although we do provide post-production work); a native-speaker translation company – pretty much anything that is needed to provide you with a high quality “brief-to-delivery” service at the right price.

We know our business inside-out.
We’d like to know yours too!